This website provides information about restorative justice in Scotland, for those considering using a restorative justice service, and practitioners and researchers.

What is restorative justice?

Restorative justice is a process of independent, facilitated contact, which supports constructive dialogue between a person harmed (victim) and a person who has harmed arising from a criminal offence or alleged offence

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How can I access this service?

Restorative justice services in Scotland vary both in type and geographical coverage. A directory of services is being developed and will be accessible here.

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More about the RJ forum

Independent of statutory agencies and the Scottish Government, the Forum seeks to work with key partners to promote the development of restorative justice within the statutory and voluntary sectors, and to encourage policy development.

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Practitioner Network

The Restorative Justice Network is open to practitioners of Restorative Justice as well as those who are awaiting training or opportunities to practice, or are simply interested.

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Supporting researchers

The Research Network aims to keep up-to-date with developments in RJ research and practice, and to inform and share our knowledge through organising events.

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