There is now a considerable volume of work internationally evaluating restorative justice programmes. These evaluations have shown a variety of benefits to both people harmed and those who have harmed (as well as for the general public and governments).

Benefits include:

Benefits for people who have been harmed

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Being better able to cope with aspects of life
  • Increased feeling of safety and empowerment
  • A higher satisfaction rate than those who have taken part in a more formal justice process
  • Fewer symptoms of post-traumatic stress
  • Less fear of victimisation

Benefits for those who have caused harm

  • More positive attitudes towards police, law and justice
  • Reduced likelihood of further offending

Benefits for the wider community

  • Restorative justice results in a highly cost effective reduction in repeat offending
  • Communities can become active members in attempting to address harm