Introducing the forum

The aim of the Restorative Justice Forum (Scotland) is to bring together all those interested in the development of restorative justice in Scotland, such as: practitioners and managers from the statutory and voluntary sectors (including children’s services), academics and policy makers, to:

  • increase understanding of restorative justice
  • encourage improvements in the quality and availability of restorative justice in Scotland
  • promote the development of advice and support for potential participants and those referring to restorative justice
  • disseminate relevant information.

The Forum is a body itself independent of statutory agencies and the Scottish Government, but it seeks to work with key partners to promote the development of restorative justice at all relevant stages of criminal justice and youth justice, within the statutory and voluntary sectors, and to encourage policy development. Read more details about the aims and activities of the Forum here.

Joanna Shapland

Forum Chair

The Chair of the Restorative Justice Forum (Scotland) is Professor Joanna Shapland.

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