SNRJR Meeting: Restorative Justice and Policing

November 17, 2022


On 17th November the Scottish Network of Restorative Justice Researchers, in collaboration with the Scottish Institute for Policing Research held an international webinar on restorative justice and policing.

The aims of the webinar are:

  1. To learn from different jurisdictions about practices and developments as well as from research in RJ and policing
  2. Think together how this could be relevant for Scotland
  3. Contribute to the reflection around the future role of Police Scotland in the rollout of RJ.

Speakers included Inspector Sam Greshon, Superintendent Beate Superintendent Beate Støkkan, Trondheim Police (Norway), Dr Kerry Clamp, University of Nottingham, Dr Katrine Barnekow Rasmussen University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Detective Chief Inspector Saara Asmundela, Jyväskylä Police (Finland). 

Details of the programme can be found here.

Full video of event at: